The children take part in drama, dance and music workshop classes. Young Performing Arts provide facilitators who's goal it is to nurture and to develop the talents of the young people, providing a creative forum to express their individual abilities and brilliance. The children will also participate in general games, sports and other creative arts and crafts, such as painting for the younger ones. Young Performing Arts also have a trampoline, a full drum kit as well as other musical instruments.


After the children have had their refreshments and activities, we then assist them with their homework and reading where they have hundreds of books to choose from.


This is where the children practice their abilities in our very own version of Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor, Dance-Off TV shows and Drama classes where they learn the whole process from inception to performance.


For our young aspiring bakers who has an interest in the culinary arts, we have workshops run monthly by our kitchen staff. The children will be able to take home their recipes along with their masterpieces if they haven’t already scoffed them up before you arrive!

Music Practice

During music practice, the children take part in singing sessions with vocal training as well as learning to play one of our many musical instruments with the use of a full PA system (Microphones and Speakers etc.).

Children's Corner

Fortnightly, the children are given the opportunity to sit in a circle and discuss and voice any concerns they may have. We talk about anything they would like to add to the workshop programmes, any likes/dislikes or suggestions to the snacks menu.